Why the need for self-storage units is growing

Statistics suggest that an average British resident rents four times as much storage per year as his/her French counterpart and nine times as much as an average German inhabitant, despite the fact those countries have similar purchasing power.


Let’s discuss why self-storage units have become so popular in the UK, and why companies like Rent Container have expanded their business at a rapid pace to meet demand:


High prices of traditional space

With prices of premium real estate reaching record levels, warehousing space is becoming prohibitively expensive in both commercial and residential areas, forcing many people to turn to alternative solutions. 


Paired with increased availability of high-quality container storage, economic factors are making the decision easy for people in need of temporary facilities to store their possessions. 


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By opting for self-storage instead of standard warehousing, individuals and companies alike can save hundreds of pounds every month.  



The Older generation leads the way

Two thirds of people who rent storage units in the United Kingdom are older than 40, a fact that could well relate to lifestyle habits. Whilst many millennials embrace a more minimalist approach to interior design, the older generations are sometimes keen on purchasing and collecting more bulky valuables. It is more common among this demographic to rent storage long term in order to safely store some of the items that are too cumbersome to store at home. 

Self-storage is also an incredibly useful facility for anyone downsizing their home, but wanting to keep valuable items such as family heirlooms safe.  



Availability of premium storage

The size of the UK self-storage market is increasing. Rent Containers response to this growing demand from consumers has been to increase the number of facilities and units for rent across the UK. 


To learn more about the possibility of renting premium self-storage units in a convenient location near you, please contact our sales team today.

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