A Safe Space for Transition

Divorce or separation can be challenging and the question of what to temporarily do with your personal possessions can become a source of added stress. At RentContainer we offer our customers a practical solution, our friendly and supportive staff give you a secure way to manage your possessions while you focuson moving forward.


A Safe Space for Transition

Container storage provides a safe haven for your belongings from furniture, electrical goods, and family heirlooms to important documents. By carefully packing and storing these items in one of our secure and easy to access units, you can ensure they are protected.


Giving You the Space and Time You Need to Work Out Your Next Steps

Divorce or separation often entails changes in living arrangements. If you are downsizing, moving to a new location, or temporarily staying with friends or family, space limitations can be challenging. Container self-storage gives you easy access to belongings that may not have a place in your current living situation. It also provides you with flexibility and time to work out your next steps.



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Moving Forward at Your Own Pace

Container storage ensures that you have the freedom to go through your belongings and make decisions on your own terms. Rather than feeling rushed or overwhelmed when sorting through possessions, it can be beneficial to have some breathing space to work out what items you want to keep, what can be donated, and what can be let go.


Logistics Made Easy

From furniture to personal mementos and even cars, the logistics of managing possessions during a divorce or separation can be time-consuming and stressful. We can help you simplify this process through our range of flexible and adaptable solutions. At RentContainer we offer three different container sizes across 9 locations, allowing you to choose the space that suits your specific needs and budget.


Divorce or separation can be a challenging journey, but it's also an opportunity for personal growth and transformation. The RentContainer sites provide easy access to your possessions when you need them. Our practical containerised solutions allow you to safely store your belongings for as long as you need.

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