5 global trends in the self-storage industry

Around the world self-storage providers are becoming a more important part of the economic chain, empowering individuals and companies alike to acquire affordable, secure and accessible space at affordable rates. 

If you are eager to find out more, this overview will provide you with some guidance:

Market Growth 

Considering that the global market for self-storage is growing exponentially and has already reached a value of nearly $40 billion in the U.S. alone, it’s not a surprise that capital is flowing into it. Numerous investors are funding the construction of storage sites; the total level of investment has risen sharply and is now measured in billions annually. 

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Move towards commercial customers

Historically, self-storage units were often used by individuals looking to store their personal possessions for a short period. A significant number of small and medium size companies are now utilising this type of storage in order to cut operational costs. E-retail companies are a specific segment who can benefit greatly from self-storage facilities. 

Developed markets leading the way

The United Kingdom and the United States are topping the list of lucrative self-storage markets. In both countries, customers are quickly recognising the fact that renting space on a monthly basis is a great way to save money!

Personal Storage   

In a demographic sense, a significant part of the growth in the personal sector has been fuelled by the over 40’s market. However there has also been a rise in the requirement for storage for students and people moving house. 

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