5 advantages of working with
Rentcontainer self-storage

Think globally, act locally – this old adage finds good application in the contemporary self- storage sector, where working with a local provider can hold a distinct advantage over larger, corporate competitors.


Rent container caters for local customers, and has developed specialised services to perfectly fit the particular geographic areas that surround each location. There are several reasons why we can outperform out-of-town rivals when it comes to renting a storage unit, such as:

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Lower transportation prices

An obvious benefit of storing your items in a vicinity thats close to your home or office is that you won’t need to spend a fortune to move your items to or from the storage site.



Quick around the clock access

You never know when you might need some of the items you placed into storage, so the flexibility to pick them up at a time convenient to you is important. All our sites offer consistant, secure access to your belongings at times that suit you. 



Shorter retrieval time

Nobody wants to wait a whole day to collect their items from storage, and there is no need to when you are using your local Rent Containers facility. This arrangement is especially valuable for commercial clients who may be using units to store products or paperwork.



Familiarity with storage site

Familiarity breeds trust; some of our customers want to see our sites first-hand. Book an appointment with our frindly team today to ascertain that our sites are secure and clean at all times.

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