4 common reasons to rent a self-storage unit

The need for affordable self-storage space is on the rise,  and the hard working team at Rent Container have been increasing their offering in order to provide great deals on units of various sizes across the Midlands. 


Here are a few classic examples where self-storage can be invaluable to you: 



Home renovation 


Home repairs can easily last for several weeks, even if you are renovating only a few rooms. In the meantime, the furniture, carpets and other bulky items will have to be placed somewhere where they won’t be in the way. Moving them into a self-storage unit nearby is a convenient solution that will produce enough room for works to progress quickly and protect your belongings from accidental damage. That’s why home owners undergoing renovations are among the most frequent users of self-storage services in the United Kingdom.




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Moving home 


For students, scholars or business people, a move to another city or town could come out of the blue. The transition period is always tricky to navigate, especially if you have to worry about a small mountain of personal possessions! Temporarily storing the items that are not urgently needed in a secure self-storage facility liberates you to search for a new home, or explore your surroundings unburdened. 



Storing your collection safely 


Dedicated collectors sometimes spend decades finding rare items that interest them, only to face a shortage of space in their homes. Instead of facing the dilemma whether to stop enlarging collections or selling some of the bulkier and less valuable items, you can have the best of both worlds by moving a part of your treasured possessions to a safe location.

Rent Containers provides an affordable way to gain large amounts of space at very competitive prices, since an existing contract can easily be upgraded.



Clearing out an attic or cellar  


Some families accumulate items over several generations, when the time comes to make more space, it can be difficult to decide what to do with bulky items in particular. Filtering through old possessions can be a long, arduous and sometimes difficult process. Some homeowners decide to simply hire a skip or engage a home clearance service. However, renting a self-storage container can be a better alternative, as it can buy you as much time as you need to determine which items deserve to be kept.


You’ll be surprised to discover how cost-effective our high-quality storage space is! Whatever your reasons to seek self-storage may be, you should contact our experienced team today and find out how we can help you. 


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